How I can Customize the really favorite

I had 3D design file ready to printing , Virtual local workshop will help you do all finishing and ship to your door

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Step 1: Upload a model (stl or obj file format)

Step 2: Customize and scale your 3d model generated by the system.

Step 3: Choose your desired material and printer

Step 4: Input your email address, comment and quantity to order.

Step 5: Now click the “Request a Quote” button to proceed

I want to customize faster , choice verified hot sell products template will save more time



Step 1: Open the design page and and choose your favorite product

Step 2: Design your product, using the toolbar at the left side of the design page

Step 3: Set product color and quantity using the toolbar at the right side of the design page

Step 4: Click on “Get a Quote”button to proceed placing your order

I have a whole new idea, need to evaluate the feasibility and cost



Step 1: Head over to the Custom quote page

Step 2: Input your detail and your custom design specifications

Step 3: Upload an image of the product you want to customize

Step 4: Input additional message for us to follow in making your product

Step 5: Click on “Get a Quote” button to proceed

"In the future tech gift market, every person should have the opportunity to customize his/her favorite product from local manufacturers and get them fast."

-Helen Liang
Mobile Phone Fast Charger Nylon Braided
Nylon Braided Fast LED Charger 3 In 1
Support Logo Custom 120cm Micro Type C
Custom promotional stress ball cable usb charger

Pannex is a women-owned company in China, which provides a one-stop shop for mass production of high-end, bespoke mobile phone accessories.


T-Shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts & jackets


Phone case, tablet cases, laptop


Coffee mugs, travel mugs, sport & water bottles, plastic cups…


Baseball caps, camo hats, color transfer caps, constructed caps, trucker hats.


business card, food menu, canvas, holiday cards…


Custom Adult, Slim Straps…


Desk calendars, miniature calendars, wall calendars…


Buttons, flying discs, golf…


Tote bags, backpacks & drawstring bags, gift bags…


Posters, signs, yard signs, car magnets, window decals, foam board signs, bumper stickers


USB flash drives, mouse pads, speakers, headphones & earbuds


Water bottles, koozies, crystal glassware, vitrified porcelain bowls…