About Us

Our exhibitions

Our team members have worked and lived in Europe and America for more than 12 years Participated in overseas large-scale exhibitions and summits more than 20 times.

  • 2016-2019 H.K Gift Show

  • 2017 Paris Gift Show

  • 2018 USA CES Show

  • 2017-2-18 USA Microsoft Summit

About our Founder

2002-2009 worked as manager in an office supply export company in Guangdong. Was responsible for sales, production, project management of international companies like Staple, Office Depot, IKEA etc. She achieved 60 million RMB sales and production within 10 months, gained client recognition in the intensive market competition


In 2010, enrolled to Goldman Sachs 10,000 Woman Female Entrepreneur program in Tsinghua University. In 2012 she entered phone accessary industry. Pannex Ltd(HK) and factory in China was founded in 2013.


Distributed manufacturing network in China, Europe and America, her company is focusing on fast delivery and small quantity customize tech gifts to global clients. Clients include brands like AIRBUS, MICROSOFT.


Stared up from wholesale export to customize gift cable.
In 2019 her company is transforming to cross-industry tech application and service provider. She has been innovating and a role model of step by step transformation of Chinese medium to small manufacturer. She is very accommodating and warmhearted. Her company trained and employed lots of local housewives and enhanced their family statue.

  • Innovative

    Founded in 2012 as a cable manufacture
    First manufacturer to combine large size light up logo with cable
    First manufacturer to combine NFC with cable

  • Tech

    NFC application Motion application on tech gift Semi-automatic production line Small automatic production devices Cloud & Big data

  • Gift

    Customize charging cable customize power bank customize package thech gift

  • Solutions

    charging solution, not just cable New product solution: to help you to make idea into real products Manufacture solution: to help you to produce your products in small MOQ cost-effectively