Blue Ridge-UA 4H FAB LAB

Name: Blue Ridge-UA 4H FAB LAB

Address: 1200 W White Mountain Blvd

City: Pinetop-Lakeside

Phone: 928) 368-6126

Capability: Vinyl cutting


Description: The BR-UA 4H FAB LAB is an open door open source educational resource serving the local school district, community members, and regional/State 4H youth development programs. This is a full service fab lab open to students, community members and 4H state program participants. The Fab Lab is approximately 7,000 square feet with an additional 18,000 square feet of classrooms designated for themed STEAM spaces. Our goal is to provide students, teachers and community members with open access to 21st century tools, education and resources to enable learning and creativity and prepare for 21st century skills and vocational training.

Activity status: active


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