Bullis BITlab

Name: Bullis BITlab

Address: 10601 Falls Rd

City: Potomac

Phone: 301-299-8500

Capability: Vinyl cutting

Webpages: http://www.bullis.org/BITlab, http://twitter.com/BullisBITlab

Description: The Bullis BITlab is a 2500 square foot K-12 Fab Lab and Makerspace. Our focus is to expose, educate and enrich the minds of our students with hands on learning that brings making and fabrication to all content areas and all students. From programming in kindergarten to CNC milling and First Robotics in high school, students can participate in STEM activities at many levels. By connecting with the community to open the space for community projects, students can assist and learn from a wider range of makers and experts to understand the impacts of digital fabrication in the world.

Activity status: active


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