Circuit Launch

Name: Circuit Launch

Address: 8000 Edgewater Dr

City: Oakland

Phone: (510) 306-1217

Capability: Vinyl cutting


Description: Circuit Launch is a coworking, colocating space dedicated to electronic hardware development, with integrated prototyping and testing labs.
Our Oakland facility is home to the Circuit Launch network of suppliers, manufacturers, and funders. We have a variety of membership levels open and affordable in entrepreneurs in all stages.


Osciliscopes, Multimeters, Hot Air Rework Station, Reflow Ovens, Logic Analyzer, Electronic Load, Variable Power Supply, Hot Air Preheater, Binocular Stereo Microscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Coming Soon: Desktop Anechoic FCC Pre-Certification RF Testing Chamber.


Laser Cutter (4′ x 3′ with pass-through), 3D Printers (FDM + SLA), Bantam CNC Mill, Band Saw, Panel Saw, Drill Press, Mitre Saw, Vinyl Cutter.


Conference Rooms, Classroom, Event Space, Assembly and Shipping Areas, Anti-static Workstations, VR Playspace, Mixed Reality Greenscreen Studio, Kitchen, Personal RFID Locking Cabinet, Smartphone Access Door-keys, Automated Tool Checkout, Mail/Package Delivery

Activity status: active


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