Fab Lab Isabela

Name: Fab Lab Isabela

Address: Avenida Juan Hernández

City: Isabela

Phone: 787-609-3020

Capability: Vinyl cutting

Webpages: http://www.fablabisabela.com, https://www.facebook.com/FabLabIsabela, https://twitter.com/FabLabIsabela, https://plus.google.com/116095408588362266755

Description: The Fab Lab Isabela, located at the Boys and Girls Club of Isabela, Puerto Rico, is a small scale fabrication laboratory that utilizes digital machinery to bring ideas to reality. It counts with a series of digital machinery that is able to work in a wide array of materials of different sizes, providing the capability to construct almost anything.

It counts with the expertise of several design experts, coming from local aerospace engineering companies, that volunteer during their free time to teach basic design classes and offer guidance during project development.

Our mission is to provide the environment, experience and means to develop personal projects. Provide basic technical training and assistance at the time of making an idea into something tangible. All of this within the envelope of the Boys and Girls Clun of Isabela philosophy of providing a positive and safe place to learn.

Activity status: Active


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