Factory Two

Name: Factory Two

Address: 129 N Grand Traverse St

City: Flint

Phone: +1 (810) 354-7766

Capability: Vinyl cutting

Webpages: https://facebook.com/factorytwo, https://factorytwo.org

Description: Factory Two is built on the idea that learning, sharing, and creating are empowering and transformative forces which can open doors and revolutionize both perceptions and realities.

Factory Two provides tools, equipment and training. In less than a year we have built a dedicated membership who experience the joy of learning, the excitement of crafting with their own hands, and the satisfaction of being part of a larger community of makers.

Accessing cutting edge technology like 3D printers and drones, and time-honored tradition in the wood and metal shops. Making items as delicate as jewelry, or as durable as iron worked on a coal fired forge. Our members are small business owners, students, artists, emerging entrepreneurs, crafters, neighbors, retirees and more.

Factory Two is a program of Red Ink Flint, a 501(c)(3) organization that also operates an all-ages, substance free youth performance space. Factory Two are active within both the Michigan and US national maker community.

Activity status: active


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