FireStarter Fab Lab

Name: FireStarter Fab Lab

Address: 1311 Corder Rd.

City: Warner Robins

Phone: 478-919-2372

Capability: Vinyl cutting


Description: FireStarter Entrepreneurship Council, Inc. and the Houston County Board of Education joined forces to announce the development of the FireStarter Fab Lab in the 7,000 square foot Houston County Career Academy Engineering lab. The Fab Lab will continue to serve the same role it does for the Career Academy, but the intent is to expand the current offerings to other advanced STEM students in the system as well as be open to STEM professionals and the general public alike. And to encourage a co-working environment that leads to STEM exploration and activation from an organic growth model. We also hope to stir up STEM mentorship from the current and retired professionals that call our community home.

Activity status: active


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