FUSE Makerspace

Name: FUSE Makerspace

Address: 101 Broadway Blvd NE

City: Albuquerque

Phone: 505-224-3873

Capability: Vinyl cutting

Webpages: https://www.facebook.com/fusemakerspace/, https://vimeo.com/fusemakerspace, https://twitter.com/FUSEMakerspace, https://fusemakerspace.org/blog, https://www.instagram.com/fusemakerspace/, https://fusemakerspace.org/

Description: Fuse Makerspace focuses on fostering the startup spirit in Albuquerque’s Innovation District by creating jobs and supporting businesses in the downtown community. We are invested in stimulating creative thinking and economic growth in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas via innovation, entrepreneurship. Fuse facility offers members and startups with rapid prototyping, light manufacturing, CAD design, digital and traditional fabrication training.

Activity status: active


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