JC Fab Lab

Name: JC Fab Lab

Address: 888 Newark Ave., #224

City: Jersey City

Phone: 9175973925

Capability: Vinyl cutting

Webpages: http://www.jcfablab.com http://www.fb.com/fablabjc

Description: JC Fab Lab is a 2000 sq. ft. facility. We host a monthly OpenShop, teach workshops to adults & kids, and provide fabrication services via our parent company sponsor, Towhee Co.

Our Summer Camp started in 2016 with 75 participants. Programs included Wood Shop Skateboard Making Camp, Design Camp, Electronics for Music Camp, Wearables & Fashion Camp, and Drawing for Art & Design.

Towhee is now in final stages for our 2017 launch of a new line of STEAM kits for kids called ArtTech. Cars, Boats, electronics kits, and more will be delivered by subscription service and provided to schools and groups. All of our kits are designed as platforms that can be modified and expanded.

Activity status: active


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