The Fab Lab at NENA

Name: The Fab Lab at NENA

Address: 1123 Lamanche St

City: New Orleans

Phone: 469-570-4127

Capability: Vinyl cutting


Description: The Fab Lab at NENA is sponsored by The Fab Lab at WorkChops of Richardson, TX.

We offer free, project and inquiry-based, skill building technology programs that serve a wide age range.
We are also:
-Offering “stackable” micro-credentials to learners as their skills grow
-Documenting the learners’ competencies using digital portfolios
-Allowing learners to carry and control their own verifiable digital records
-Issuing credentials in the form of digital badges that follow the Open Badges
-Helping learners and job seekers connect to employers
-Nurturing entrepreneurs and incubating small businesses

Activity status: closed


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