The Gregory School Fab Lab

Name: The Gregory School Fab Lab

Address: 3231 N Craycroft Rd

City: Tucson

Phone: 520 327 6395

Capability: Vinyl cutting


Description: Imagine a place where students are inspired. A space in which they research freely,experiment fearlessly and think courageously. Imagine a place where students design, build and create the best ideas they can imagine. A space where kids can make anything, tinker and experiment. A space where it’s not only okay to fail, but failing epically is celebrated!. A place like that would create the kind of community that gives students the opportunity to connect with other learners, educators, and mentors. That place would, of course, provide access to a wide variety of material and technological resources. Imagine a place that also creates spaces for deep collaboration and that, by its very design, demands vibrant teamwork. This sort of place would inspire a new kind of learning — a kind of learning required in the globally connected, infinitely complicated, and excitingly progressive 21st century world. In a space like this, cross-disciplinary collaboration that asks students to apply their learning in science, math, the arts & humanities to solve problems would naturally occur and the results would have real impact.

Activity status: Active


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