The S.T.E.A.M. Room Fab Lab

Name: The S.T.E.A.M. Room Fab Lab

Address: Iowa City

City: Iowa City

Phone: 319-541-5896

Capability: Vinyl cutting


Description: The S.T.E.A.M. Room Fab Lab is STEM plus Art. Located in the center of Iowa’s ‘Creative Corridor’, just five miles south of the University of Iowa. We have 17,000 square feet in the Iowa City Marketplace. While 5,000 sf of that space is dedicated to the tool bays and classrooms, the other ~12,000 sf is storage for member projects and rental workshops for members. These workshops range from 50 to 150 square feet, and are rentable by the month, with no long term contracts. We have four levels of membership, from basic (which gets you access and training for all of our tools) to Master (which gives you 24 hour access). There are also free hours every week (of course), and scholarships are available for people who can not afford the regular membership fees. We are heavily involved in the startup community and education in our area, partnering with the University of Iowa, Kirkwood College, Local School Districts, Museums, and non-profits. To find out more about us, please visit our site at!

Activity status: Active


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