VW eLab at Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts

Name: VW eLab at Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts

Address: 1301 Dallas Road

City: Chattanooga

Phone: 423-498-7365

Capability: Vinyl cutting

Webpages: http://twitter.com/ccavwelab

Description: A space to make art, our Volkswagen eLab is a lively makerspace located between two math classrooms and is supervised by math and art faculty. Vinyl cutting has been infused into collage artwork featured prominently at an exhibition, laser cut shadow puppets brought laughter to our children’s theatre performances, CNC milled set decorations have beautified our opera, 3D printing supplied candle holders for our literary gala, and nearly a hundred geometry students used proportional reasoning to design and fabricate gifts for each other–and that’s just our first semester of operation. A weekly electronics and maker club meets every Thursday after school for additional lab time.

Activity status: active


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